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Pineapple Yellow Hookah 15” Metal Infuser

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$750.00 USD
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$850.00 USD
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$750.00 USD
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Yellow Gravity Infuser

Authentic Pineapple Gravity Yellow Infuser is a great conversational piece. Perfect for parties or private setting.. The matching one of a kind 360 Degree Rotating Gravity Infuser. is made using premium materials and built to last, Handle with care.

Included with a 3 foot silicone hose, Glass Flower Pot, Hookah Bowl, Hookah Bowl Adapter, Coal Can, Metal Tongs, Extra Replacement Rubber Seals and Glass Hose Tip, Metal Straw Brush and Cleaning Cloth!

Can also be connected to vaporization device or any smoke accessory with a 14mm male joint and contains a 45 degree adjustable mouth piece. The pineapple borosilicate glass is one of a kind with exceptional cascading water displacement to the opposite airflow vessel direction when rotating 360 degrees.

Also can be Connected to a drink Infuser or a Cloche food dome for the perfect Steak and Vegetable Infusion, Tremendous Food Flavor! The Cloche has to have the same size 14mm fittings. Cocktail glass and Beverage Cloche sold separately.. This Luxury Infuser Item is made using Borosilicate glass and Anodized Aluminum and should always be Handled With Care.

Inside the box there are 6 pieces that need to be assembled. Warning Do not clean with harsh chemicals! Only use soap and water or Isopropyl Alcohol On the Rubber, Metal and Glass. Any other chemical could cause Irreparable Harm. Always Handle This Gravity Infuser With Care. Authentic Quality Detail Yellow Gravity Metal Infuser! Serve Infused Steak and Vegetables, Cocktail drinks, Cakes, Coffee, Marshmallows, stuffing, Yams, Fruit, cookies, and Snow balls, at Gatherings or Holidays with an Authentic Quality Detail Luxurious Infuser at your party or next Event!


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